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I am thinking about joining FIITJEE as a faculty. Can anyone tell me aboutdrawbacks and bond money of it?
Fiitjee Ltd is very good platform for freshers candidate as well as expeiencedone . It started in 1992 By its chairman Sir D K Goel an IIT Delhi graduateand its pedagogy system is very good . If you start from FIITJEE as yourteaching career then it will impact your future in terms of brand value .Initial staring package you may get approx 10 lac per annum as ctc in whichyou would in hand you will get approx 7 lac as there is a cut in salary assincerity fund till first 3 years and these 3 years are your bond period inwhich first 6 months is your training and next 6 months is your probationperiod and if your feedback in class performance and organisational behaviouris also good then on time you will get confirmed . And each period you salarywould be different and you would be provided with that letter as once youcomplete the training probation and confirmation.In terms of appraisal it happend every 2nd year.If you are good at your work then there is no any drawvack or loophole ofFiitjee and if there will be any problem in your performance then you have tooface some problem over there else everything will be good.Always remember it that Love your job not your Organisation A P J Kalam.Fiitjee is having approximately 50 branches in all over India and most of theB.Tech and M.Sc candidate now a days apply in it for first teaching job interms of job stability . Many facuties consider this pvt company as govermentjob once they got finally selected in it. You can apply direct on its websiteFIITJEE Limited For IITJEE NTSE NSEJS KVPY Olympiad Aspirants a linkwill be there for career option or you can send your cv at there emailcareerfiitjee.comIf your cv is short listed for written test demo and interview then only youcan attained it. So prepare preoperly you cv as point of teaching andpassionate for teaching in particular domain.If there would be any assistance then feel free to ask mekishore.karuneahwargmail.com my personal email or you can call me or whatsup at 8873250730.Work culture is very amiacable and no work load also .The very good point regarding FIITJEE Ltd is in case if you are non performeralso then also they wont fired you and you can gave ample time to learnteaching that’s why I said Fiitjee is very good platform to join as a freshers.In any other coaching like Bansal Narayana Allen Resonance Akash CareerPoint etc there you will be having problem if you are non performer.So my suggestion feel relax to join Fiitjee ltd and learn the actual teachingand growth rate is also good if you are good at performance.All the best.
What's the benefits and drawbacks of RBI savings bonds?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of RBI saving bondsThe 7.75 Government Savings Bond will open for subscription from January 10.The 7.75 per cent government savings bond which will have a maturity of sevenyears replaces the 8 Savings Bonds Scheme also known as RBI Bonds Scheme.The 8 Savings Bonds Scheme was popular among those who looked to have aguaranteed regular income.the government Savings Bond will fetch lower interest rate now it is still agood bet for investors looking at guaranteed regular income from theirinvestments.10 Things To Know About 7.75 Government Savings Bonds1 There is no maximum limit for investment in 7.75 Savings Taxable Bonds.2 The bonds will be issued for a minimum amount of Rs.1000 face value andin multiples thereof.3 The 7.75 Government Savings Bonds are open to investment by individualsincluding Joint Holdings and Hindu Undivided Families. NRIs are not eligiblefor making investments in these bonds.4 Investors can choose between the cumulative and noncumulative modes forpayment of interest. 5 In the cumulative option interest is paid on maturity of bonds. In thenoncumulative mode interest is paid on a halfyearly basis.6 Like bank fixed deposits the interest income earned from 7.75 GovernmentSavings Bonds is added to ones income and taxed according to the respectiveslabs.7 The bonds will be exempt from wealth tax under the Wealth Tax Act 1957.8 The 7.75 Government Savings Bonds will have a maturity of 7 years carryinginterest at 7.75 per annum payable halfyearly. The cumulative value of Rs.1000 at the end of seven years will be Rs. 1703.9 The bonds are not transferable.10 The 7.75 Government Savings Bonds are also not tradeable in the secondarymarket and are not eligible as collateral for loans from banking institutionsnonbanking financial companies or financial institutions.Generally the factors that decide upon any form of investment isa. safety of the funds investedb. regular income to offset the impact of inflationc. liquidity ease of converting the investment into liquid cash 1. The safety factor of the bonds is apparently high since it is issued by the govt • but if the govt decides to hold back the funds and only renews the bonds for further 7 years then the investor might not get see the cash invested the funds are not subject to wealth tax provisions 2. The interest income is guaranteed but the interest income is not free from income taxes 3. the liquidity aspect is low due to the absence of a secondary market for trading these bondsI would like to add one more factor the enduse of the funds so raised Thereis no proper explanation for the issue of bonds My fears are that like the“excess amounts collected for fuels” the allocation of which is notreflectedaccounted for in the budgetsthese amounts also will be squanderedaway on unproductive but populistic schemes like loan waivers orrecapitalisation etc thus the funds mopped up would not be generatingadditional employment or improves the economy in any manner some might arguethat funds might uplift the banks • please note that recapitalisation onlybrings down the percentage of NPAs down but it will not bring down thequantum of outstandings Loan waiver scheme also is lop sided….we are not surewho the beneficiaries are going to be and this might lead to furtherdeteriorate the living conditions of the poor peopleThe irony is that the major investors in these bonds are going to be the largefinancial institutions like LIC Banks etc while LIC is floating over thetroubled waters the banks are already stuttering due to funds shortagethe issue of the bonds itself is well planned to wean away the surplus moneyfrom the hands of the people and I also sense some smart scheming on the partof the govt earlier to these bonds the govtrbi have issued 8 savings bonds 6 years maturity for this purpose they reduced the interest rates on otherinvestment avenues such as Bank Deposits PFs of all flavours and so on soas to divert the funds to the bonds issue this is an unfair act on the partof the govt the poor man’s income is eroded unjustlyThere were instances when the govt failed to honour the bonds and issued NSCsin the past while redeeming the bonds
Is it good to work in an it industry by signing a bond and what are itsdrawbacks?
When a company makes employees sign a bond it means that people will notagree to work there voluntarily. Either their pay is too low or the work isnot good or there are other problems. They are so desperate that they have toforce people to work there against their will using the bond.It is not advisable to work in such a place.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of investing in municipal bonds?
Upside TaxExemption Most municipal bonds are exempt from federal taxation and state taxation in some instances. As a result buyers are able to earn a relatively competitive yield as compared to other types of fixed income treasuries and corporates. Additionally municipal issuers get to offer bonds at lower rates than their corporate counterparts since investors arent required to pay taxes on the income received from owning the bonds. Safety Municipals have a relatively low historical default rate due to the way they are structured. A significant amount of muni bonds are secured by property and sales taxes. Additionally taxsupported muni bonds are structured in a way that provides investors with a high priority of payment as compared to a corporate bond. Corporate bond investors generally have to endure operational risks while municipal bond investors are often shielded from the operational risks of a municipality. However the devil is in the details. Make sure you review the official statement and understand the flow of funds. Downside Liquidity Municipal bonds trade overthecorner OTC which essentially means there isnt a centralized trading system for the market. While municipal bonds are not completely illiquid the secondary market can be opaque. Investors must understand what they own and press their brokers for transparency. Retail investors tend to get the shortend of the stick when it comes to fair pricing due to the lack of a centralized marketplace such as the exchanges that equites trade on. Information Finding information on municipalities can be challenging. This is primarily due to the lack of regulations that require municipalities to disclose information in a similar manner as publicly traded corporations See the Tower Admendment of 1975. Historically this wasnt a big deal because bond insurance was widely available and default rates were low. However the bond insurance industry was decimated by the 2022 Credit Crunch and municipalities across the country are currently experiencing fiscal challenges. Investors should make sure to understand what they are buying and press brokers and municipalities to disclose information pursuant to their Continuing Disclosure Agreements can be found in the appendix of all official statements.
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