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Which is the best institute for export import training in Pune?
IMPORT EXPORTWhat You'll LearnExport CycleImport CycleCompany FormationIncoTermsOpportunities in Export Import IndustryLive Case Study in Agriculture CommodityProduct Selection & Market SelectionPre & Post shipment Procedure and DocumentationBuyer and Supplier IdentificationOnline and Offline MarketingHow to find Buyers?Risk ManagementExport Import FinancePayment TermsExport Costing & PricingExport Promotion CouncilsExport Policy UpdatesGovernment Schemes and BenefitsLive Session of Agri Commodity ExporterLive Session by ECGC Officer on Risk Management and Govt. SupportLive Session of Bank Officer on Export Banking, Pre & Post Shipment FinanceAbout IMPORT EXPORT FEDERATIONOur team has 30 years of experience, has helped hundreds of people in over 5 countries in Business transformation. It is our mission to help 1000 Exporters to export worth 100 Crore. We are educating entrepreneurs on Import Export Business opportunities and working with them to take up international trade opportunities.Additional SupportAll Export LicensingAll Documentation SupportExport Website Development SupportSupport for 1st Export or Import ShipmentRegular Export-Import Knowledge Sharing SessionsBusiness CoachAn Expert with MBA (Shipping & Logistics), PGDM, IIM Indore, having 30 Years of experience in Shipping, Logistics, Ports, EXIM Management, Import Export Consulting & Logistics, Cargo Handling, Liasoning with Customs & Government bodies, Export Promotional Schemes, Duty Drawback, EPCG, MLFPS, FMS, ICD, CFS, SEZ, Marine operations.CONTACT USIMPORT EXPORT FEDERATION# B3, Palavi, Behind BOM,Near Kamla Nehru Park,Prabhat Road, Erandwane,Pune 411004 India
Does Obama get an armored car as a perk of office when leaving?
That’s not a perk!Is carrying pepper spray a perk of living in a bad neighborhood?Is vigilantly guarding your drink a perk of being a woman?U.S. Presidents make many enemies while in office. It’s not what they set out to do but it’s inevitable. When they’re deciding whether to go after a dangerous terrorist or take on the gun lobby or some extremist militia, they should carefully weigh all the implications of their actions, but risks to their personal safety should not be one of them. Just as we don’t want a president factoring in their personal finances when weighing America’s interests, we just as much don’t want them factoring in their personal security. If they knew that they would be unprotected in the near future, they might not take actions they would otherwise believe to be in the national interest. Saddam Hussein did try to kill former President George H.W. Bush after he left office.Presidents are given lifetime security for very good reason. At one point they switched it to 10 years post-presidency but they rethat before it affected anyone. They aren’t gifted any vehicles as perks, but the U.S. Secret Service makes the obviously prudent decision to use armored vehicles in the course of their duties.They also forbid protectees from driving themselves as they do not have their advanced training in driving tactics—now I bet you’ll be saying Obama gets government chauffeurs as a perk. I’m sure he’d enjoy driving himself once in a while but it won’t be permitted. For every element of the modern presidency that can be considered a perk, it can just as easily be considered a drawback; fame is also a loss of privacy, official authority also comes with scrutiny and sacrifice of financial opportunities, security is also a bubble and inconvenience.Long story short: Being driven in an armored car is not a perk President Obama receives but a sad necessity of the modern presidency. Keeping him safe is the least we can do after his service to our country.
Which is the best institute which offers export import management course in India?
There are multiple formats in which the information sharing happens by multiple institutes and industry groups.One-day or 2-day seminars, which pran overview of the high-level activities involved in export businesses3-month certification programs which can be done virtual classes(online) or long-distance (material will shipped to your address)If you are serious about getting into the business of exports, I suggest that some rigour is required and hence option 2 is recommended (specifically online classes are better).If you just need to know the basics if you are entering the industry to familiarise yourself with the terminology and processes at a high-level, then short-duration seminars are perfectly suited for you and the cost is also relatively smaller.Here are some of the institutes who prsuch training / seminars / certifications:National Institute For Entrepreneurship and Small Business Developmenti i i E M - International Institute of Import and Export Management - Export Import Education Training Course Study Class Classes Ahmedabad Gujarat Mumbai Rajkot Jamnagar Orissa Rajasthan Indore Punjab India Diploma in Export Import ManagementEntrepreneurship Workshop Registration - Global Institute of Foreign TradeIndian Institute of Export Management
Why are submarines an unpopular choice for US Naval Academy graduates? Why is a “sub draft” necessary?
I went to USNA nearly 20 years ago and a lot has changed.  In my years there, submarines were oversubscribed and it was competitive to get a slot.  But in the 70's and 80's, some people were "drafted" into the sub force because not enough people were volunteering. There are a lot of jobs in the Navy which aren't especially popular, so this isn't uncommon.  I mean, how do you think they fill that junior officer billet on an oiler in Earle, New Jersey?The reasons that people may not want be submariners include:- Academic rigor: Nuclear power school and nuclear prototype are extremely difficult engineering schools, and the prospect of going to class and studying for 80-100 hours per week for 12 months is daunting.- Difficult duty: If you are on an attack sub, you can count on being at sea for long periods of time, with a great deal of unpredictability around when you deploy. Trident subs have a more predictable schedule, but the work is less exciting and you still go to sea for months at a time.- Poor marketing: The most interesting things you do with a submarine can't be discussed due to the nature of clandestine work.The reason I became a submariner was because the best leaders I met at the Naval Academy -- two company officers, my first Superintendent, and our Commandant -- were all successful sub officers.  They were wicked smart, personable, and creative. When I got to the fleet, I served with an absurdly accomplished group of officers, including a commanding officer who won the leadership award for the Atlantic Fleet and another skipper who earned a bronze star for some interesting work we did.  By the way -- that second captain?  He had been "drafted" into the submarine force out of the Naval Academy.  It worked out OK for him.
Which is the better institute for an import export course for a working person in Pune?
Export import is more practical study rather theorotical as i know.there are lots of website and forums and helpful people on the net.You need a single document for almost all your import export need.get iec code.which may cost hardly rs 1100 including digital signature.i make a blog also on this,Getting an IEC becomes Easy - Import export code ,iec consultant ,iec code indiaAfter getting iec, visit Find Quality Wholesalers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Buyers and Products from Our Award-Winning International Trade Site. Wholesale Products from China Wholesalers at Aliexpress.com. and Find quality Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Buyers, Wholesalers, Products and Trade Leads from our award-winning International Trade Site. Import & Export on alibaba.com regularly as well as Foreign Trade Magazine on Export-Import .you will find lots of supplier and expert.Do not trust alibaba supplier blindly.see their rating.You can start with some cheap items on alibaba like iphone 6 cover,disposable toothbrush.start with small qty.sell in local or on olx,quikr.You can easily start export import business with rs.10000 in hand.You can also buy book from Start Your Own Export Import Business ,owned by mr.kishan barai.he will helps you over skype or you can join his coaching .mr kishan barai guide me for import export without single dime without any benefits. He believes in Karma and it always pay.Import export business needs detailed products knowledge, and have to maintain relationship with your supplier and customer.Most of the profitable business in this planet are based on foreign trade.Ps.i just started my export import business and anyone here in quora pm me for furtuer guidance. i will help you.
What do police do if a child points a Nerf gun at them?
A few years ago I stopped and had a talk with kid who pointed a cap gun at my patrol car as I was driving by. I informed him that the only reason he did not have a real gun pointed back at him was because I recognized the realistic looking plastic revolver because it looked exactly like one I had when I was his age. I told him that another officer might have confronted him at gunpoint.Today I would be a bit more hesitant to stop and just talk to the kid. Why? Because bad guys are painting bright orange tips on their guns to make them look like toys. Kids are painting the bright orange tips on their toy guns to make them look more real. You can buy real guns on the internet today built to look like toy guns, bad guys are building real guns into toy guns.If the kid looked like a kid and if I was fairly certain the nerf gun was actually a nerf gun I would probably draw my gun, have it “ready “ but not pointed at him, and command him to put his down, and quite literally pray that his gun does not go bang because I would quite likely take the first round and hope it doesn't kill me before I start firing back. If the gun does not go bang then the kid and I and his parents are going to have a nice long talk.
What are the main problems faced by Indian Railways?
Uncultured Government and other officials who lack civic sense.Yep. You heard that right. No. We cannot blame the them alone.Uncultured employees.Uncultured Railway officials and technical staff. From the Loco pilots to the trackmen, all are uncultured.The railways are not providing us with good and well maintained services. They are not willing to hear our problems and grievances.They are not even willing to clean up the passengers• shit.Isn't it their duty, to serve every needs of the passengers and commuters no matter how ILLMANARED AND UNCULTURED RETARDS THE PASSENGERS ARE? They are the ‘tax payers’, right?I hope you got my point.It is a common habit with passengers to leave the empty coffee or tea cup below the seat. After a while, the cup either gets crushed under someone’s feet or its remnants spills over, making the floor dirty.Now a days, almost all the railway coaches have garbage bins near the vestibule. Is it not the common man’s duty to put his cup into the bin? People are prepared to make dirt but not ready to travel in it. They expect the railway staff to perform their duties by keeping the coaches 100% clean but do not exercise even 10% of their responsibility of keeping clean themselves. Very few passengers, particularly in the AC coaches go and drop waste in the garbage bins.Travelling on an AC three-tier coach today is common with the middle class but the garbage generated on these coaches is much higher than before when it was reserved for the elite.Take a look at these.The above pictures are from the Mahamana Express which was left dirty within 10 days of its inaugural run due to lack of civic sense of passengers.Tejas express wasn’t spared either. Some windows of the new train were found broken after its inaugural run.This is another incident where Job seekers in West Bengal went berserk and damaged railway properties.[1]We want World Class facilities and in return we do all these.The railway authorities urged passengers not to use the toilets inside the coaches while the train was in a station. It was because, the coaches used open discharge system and whatever fell through it would land between the tracks.Later they came up with the Control Discharge Toilet System (CDTS) to eliminate spillage of toilet waste in Railway station area and populated area of the city. It retains the toilet waste and discharges when the speed of the coach is equal to or more than the designated speed and a preprogrammed number of flush cycles have been completed. The designated speed is usually 30 km/hr. So, there is no discharge of waste from the toilet when the speed of the train is less than 30 km/hr. As a result of which the discharge of waste takes place away from the station, keeping the stations clean. CDTS is used in both conventional ICF and modern LHB Coaches of railways although it is rare to see in ICF Coaches. But that was a failure.After that, the railways with the help of DRDE introduced bio toilets. At the request of the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) - the research wing of railways, DRDE started manufacturing toilets with an Eco-friendly innovative technology for a hygienic disposal of human waste.Fitted at the undercarriage beneath the lavatories, these contain colonies of anaerobic bacteria that has the ability to act upon the human waste and turn them in to water and gases (methane and CO2).The efficiency of the system has been tested for extreme climates and conditions like those at Siachen Glacier. The anaerobic bacteria(carefully collected and analysed by DRDE from Antarctica) in the bio-designer not only survive extreme cold and heat but also survives when subjected to commonly available disinfectants. Apart from environment friendliness the system improves the working condition for the railway trackmen.Cooperation of passengers is of paramount importance for the success of this initiative as throwing of items like plastic bottles, paper cups, cloth rags, sanitary napkin, nappies, plastic/poly bags, ‘Gutka• pouches etc causes choking of these toilets and makes the toilet non functional.Indian Railways has now ramped up the pace of fitting bio-toilets in coaches and is aiming to complete work in all the conventional coaches by 2022. As many as 93,537 "bio-digesters" - as the toilets are called --have been installed in various trains where each coach requiring four of them.The railways is doing their part. And the passengers..An overwhelming majority of trains fitted with bio-toilets, are choked with physical waste, requiring manual cleaning. Ironic, isn’t it? Considering that the Railways are envisaging installation of bio-toilets in all coaches within the time allotted, to do away with direct discharge and reduce the scourge of manual scavenging.As much 70 per cent of bio-toilets are clogged when trains arrive for primary maintenance • a five-six hour procedure which includes complete washing of the coach. This is the situation at the coach care centre at Chennai Central alone. On a average, workers at the yard attend to roughly 170 coaches, fitted with four bio-toilets each, every day.[2] Not a single day passes off without contract worker, R Rajesh’s (name changed) involvement in clearing the clogged system. There are times when he takes out the waste by using a pair of garbage picking tongs (stick), but then life isn’t so easy. Clogging the pathway to the holding tank underneath the coach, there are several discarded objects that requires much more physical work.Rajesh said bio-toilets can easily get choked through indiscriminate disposal of physical waste in them. “Among the items that are thrown in are sanitary napkins, cigarette buds, gutka pouch, plastic covers and liquor bottles, which leads not only to clogging but also affect other travelling passengers,” he said. Another significant consequence of the passengers• misdemeanour is the possible health hazard for workers who attempt to remove them.Public awareness campaigns are being undertaken to spread messages on the proper usage of bio-toilets. Furthermore, stickers with do’s and don’ts are displayed in coaches to educate the passengers. Still passengers go on throwing waste everywhere.Next time we want to blame the authorities about something, the passengers should think. What about all the things they do?We as citizens should be ashamed of ourselves if this is how we're going to treat public property.The ‘need for change• we talk about should come from ourselves instead of waiting others to change.Footnotes[1] West Bengal Job seekers go berserk, damage rail properties[2] Manual scavengers give a hand to clean clogged up bio-toilets
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