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What is the prejudice/loss suffered by the USA (institutions and people) if anissued non-immigrant visa, the second out of three, all respected as per I-94CBP form was obtained through what was considered misrepresentation ofmaterial facts?
It doesn’t matter if the USA suffered any loss. If anybody misrepresentedmaterial facts it means that they lied about or omitted certain details ontheir application in such a way that if all the facts were known it mighthave resulted in their application being rejected rather than approved.In such a case the benefits gained from approval of the application weregained through fraud and the US doesn’t approve of people who obtain benefitsvia fraudulent means.
If a CBP officer writes “no COS, DOS, AOS, EOS” on your passport is it onlywritten on the passport, or in their system (computers) as well, or maybe onthe I-94 form?
It will likely appear in their systems but this is not binding on the otheragencies who may be adjudicating an application. For case specific immigrationadvice I would highly recommend bringing all your documentation to animmigration attorney and have them help you file the best applicationpossible.
Why do H1B workers, who have their H1B extension petition approved by USCIS,still have to get their visa stamped to re-enter US if they travel out ofcountry? Why can't CBP use the I797A approval form to determine the legalityof the H1B worker?
Based on what I know the I797A is issued by USCIS which is a division underthe Department of Homeland Security which is headed by a Cabinet ranked memberof the Federal Government.Whereas the consular officers adjudicating your application to enter the USbelong to the Office of Visa Services in the Consular Affairs Bureau which isunder the Department of State again headed by a Cabinet ranked member. As perthe link About Us U.S. Visas the consular officers do following We serve as liaisons with the Department of Homeland Security We serve as liaisons between the Department of State and U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad on visa matters We interpret visa laws and regulations and act as a point of contact for the public.Read the section titled When to Contact Us vs. Department of Homeland SecurityDHS on the same link above to understand the difference and it shouldhopefully answer your question as to why the USCIS issued I798A is not enoughto apply to enter the country from another country.