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Instructions and Help about Drawback accelerated payment

Hello friends welcome to another c-plus news interview question and the question is what are the drawbacks of using vectoring ki+ so the first answer is it over allocate memory which sometimes could be very bad in terms of performance and the second answer is whenever capacity of vectorial increases it copy all the elements from previous vectors to the new vector and we will see what is that okay so it will be monstered I have used I'm using this code here if you already watched my previous video you might be having the idea what is the size and the capacity but I will give you the same example here okay so what we are doing here is we are creating a vector of integer and we are printing the size in the capacity so here it will be 0 and 0 but now again with pushing one element into that vector so the size in the capacity will increase ok we will see that how it will increase so let's run the code here so as I said size is 0 capacity is 0 after inserting one element it became 1 and 1 so I will copy this code and paste it several times so that you get the idea here ok and we are game compile and run so you see here when it is becoming one capacity is one size becomes two capacity began to size becomes three capacity becomes full and size becomes capacity remains torque and size is 5 then capacity becomes 8 what is this happening here it's just a simple thing when your size increases from your current capacity capacity gets double okay you notice here initially it was 0 then it became 1 in that capacity became one when your size get increased by inserting one element then the capacity got double from 1 to 2 then again you inserted 1 elements which make the size 3 so this who became 4 here and then again you inserted one more element but this make it full and the capacity was 4 so that capacity didn't increases ok now the capacity was 4 and you increase by 1 which makes it 5 so that capacity becomes 8 here and you increase again so it's making 6 7 so the capacity remains same because it is not crossing the capacity all right so how internally it is working how it is making this capacity increased and let me tell you guys internally vector uses array okay not a linked list or anything or three or something no it uses array and you know you cannot increase the size of array dynamically so how it is doing like this to remember this whenever it is doubling the size like this one to 2n 2 to 4 it is creating another vector and copying the previous vector into the new vector and keeping the rooms for new insertion okay so here you can.

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