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Can I export an item which we have imported from other countries?
If you’re referencing items that have been imported to the USA, you should be able to export them. However, there are a few things to note.1. Your U.S. Customs clearance may differ.Certain U.S. Customs export requirements and regulations will likely apply to your export.Check with the port of entry you’ll export your goods through • they may be able to help clarify the shipment’s requirements. Also, check out the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s exporting requirements.2. You may be a candidate for duty drawback.Duty drawback can help you reclaim duties and taxes previously paid on your imported goods. As a result, you’ll avoid double-paying duties for more than one country.Duty drawback is typically sought after by importers shipping to one country to assemble goods, and then exporting to another for selling. Based on your question, duty drawback may be something to look into.3. Your labeling and documentation requirements may differ.Certain labeling and document requirements may apply to your export. New requirements are especially likely if you’ve imported items and then assembled or added manufacturing within the U.S.The Shippabo team has created a guide overviewing the entire shipping process. You can find the guide here; it may be helpful as you prepare your shipments.
What are the schemes for achieving growth in exports?
Successful strategies and practices for boosting export has enabled us to compile a list of best practices:Creation of duty drawback schemes. Among the traditional measures, the duty drawback scheme is, as surveys of entrepreneurs• opinions suggest, one measure that has proven to be successful in the past. Standard duty drawback schemes can be improved by: (a) making them accessible also to indirect exporters and extending them to imported inputs used in production of exported final products; (b) eliminating duty pre-payment for exporting firms in order to reduce credit requirements.Increasing the availability of credit. The availability of short and (especially) long-term credit is crucial to exporters. This is decisive for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), for which the credit constraints are more binding than for large firms. Since SMEs make up the large majority of firms in developing countries, improvements in this domain are necessary to favour export growth.Simplifying regulation. The government should simplify regulation related to exports; long bureaucracy procedures negatively affect especially new exporters. At the same time, governments should improve information collection and dissemination about foreign markets and requirements for exporting. Actions in this category should also consider product standards and other technical requirements imposed for exporting to developed country markets.Improving cooperation among economic actors. Besides traditional policy instruments, export growth could be favoured by improving cooperation among exporters and between the government and business actors. For instance, there is nowadays increasing awareness about the possibility of using export consortia to help SMEs access the international markets. This may be seen as a complement to other forms of government intervention.Combining short-term and long-term export growth policies. The stimulation of export growth requires the combination of short- and long-term policies. In this context, it is important to also exploit the complementarity between EPPs and other domestic policies (aimed, for instance, at enhancing productivity and technological content of domestic products).
What is the process to supply drugs in the USA?
I can give you a broad idea of what needs to be done.First up, you will have to get an IEC (Importer Exporter Code) by registering yourself with the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under the Ministry of Commerce. Please find the requisite details in the link provided below.All about IEC code numberAlso, it is mandatory to join the Pharmaceutical Export Council of India(Pharmexcil). The membership fee ranges from Rs.12022 - Rs. 36000 per year depending on your scale of operations. Find the application form below:Page on pharmexcil.comPharmexcil can assist in a variety of ways. Any information regarding duty drawback schemes for manufacturers, trade fairs, certificate of origin assistance, legal advice can be obtained readily from them. They will also keep you notified regarding any changes in trade policy, export regulations, requirements etc.http://www.PHARMACEUTICALS EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL OF INDIA/Next since drugs are heavily regulated, you will have to ensure that they comply with DGFT regulations. The following link is a non exhaustive set of such regulationsPage on dgft.gov.inApart from complying with Indian export regulations, you must ensure that your product complies with all FDA regulations. (In general, a U.S. Importer will anyway demand this and proof of the same can be obtained by a certificate from an FDA approved lab). The FDA has two offices in India (New Delhi & Mumbai) which may be contacted for further info.I would also recommend that before commencing exporting, you sign up for credit insurance cover with the ECGC(Export Credit Guarantee Corporation). Their premium rates are the lowest around and their primary aim is to incentivize small & medium exporters by covering their risk.The nitty gritty details of arranging a shipment, hiring C&F agents, ensuring logistics compliance, documentation etc. can be further explored in conjunction with Pharmexcil.
If I make something outside the EU but use EU manufactured components, can I then sell into the EU tariff free?
You may be able to recover duties assessed in the process of exporting and re-importing your goods through the “drawback” process. Here is a reference which describes the process in some detail:TFTEA Drawback Regulations Ordered to Take Effect by Dec. 17Note however that the linked document refers to US legislation, not the EU. I would recommend doing some further research to see if your specific country of operation may have a similar program.
What is clearing and forwarding?
Firstly, I want to say that I am by no means an expert, however I will give it a shot!Clearing and forwarding provides a service, on behalf of an importer or exporter, with the physical movement (logistics) and legalities (customs) in importing or exporting goods from one country to another. This service involves two service providers, namely the clearing agent and the freight forwarder.A clearing agent is a licensed person who submits declarations to Customs on behalf of the importers and exporters. They are be liable for the fulfilment of all obligations imposed on their traders. The clearing agent has the following responsibilities:Facilitating the Customs and Excise process to declare goods entering and leaving the country;Paying duty on behalf of the importer;Correct declaration of the goods, i.e. using the correct harmonised tariff codes to describe goods;Usage of the correct customs forms and documentation;Determining customs values by using the correct formulas and calculations.A freight forwarder provides freight forwarding services which means services of any kind relating to the carriage, consolidation, storage, handling, packing or distribution of goods as well as ancillary and advisory services in connection therewith; including but not limited to customs and fiscal matters, declaring the goods for official purposes, procuring insurance for the goods and collecting or procuring payment or documents relating to the goods.I hope this helps!
How do customs brokers handle import documents?
Customs Brokers are a good resource to go to if you are importing goods into the United States. For most first time Importers, it is advisable to consult with a Customs Broker before you make the purchase with your overseas supplier in order to check:Pre-CheckAre the goods compliant with US Customs for importationDo the goods require other government agency clearance such as FDA, USDA, FCC, EPA , DOT, CPSC and what are their requirements.Does the manufacturer have the required license or certifications documents to pryou in order to clear customs and other government agencies.What are the estimated costs and risk for importation.Besides these pre-checks Importers should ask, the documents which are sent to the customs brokers are reviewed for accuracy and compliance with US Customs invoice standards for entry. Normally an invoice, packing list, CO, and bill of lading would suffice for customs entry, for goods that require other government agency clearance, additional documents may be required.For all experienced and new importers, our Customs Brokers at All Cleared Customs Brokerage (ACCB) performs a full audit of the import documentation required for entry of goods into the US.More information about the customs clearance process may be found on our website: www.accb.nyc
What are the procedures for an import broker?
Commercial customs brokers exist to facilitate international trade and to oversee your affairs with an efficient, effective, and hassle-free strategy in place.Licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it’s a customs broker’s job to make sure that importers and exporters meet federal requirements for international shipments. They’re responsible for compliance with trade laws and regulations. They advise clients on proper procedures.In more detail, here are five important things a customs broker can accomplish for you:1. Represent youFor your broker to conduct customs business on your behalf, you have to grant them a valid power of attorney. As your representative, the broker explains customs laws and regulations and reviews transactions to ensure their compliance.2. Conduct customs transactionsIt’s up to your customs broker to submit all the documentation necessary to clear goods that are entering the US. They prepare the entry forms, which include shipment information such as classification codes, country of origin, weights and quantities, before then submitting the information to US Customs. They can also help you with paperwork to qualify imports for trade programs like NAFTA, or prinformation on export licenses.3. Pay duties and feesYour broker can pay duties directly to customs and then bill you afterward. Customs duties are due within ten working days of entry. If you have an automated clearinghouse account, your broker can make a payment directly from the account. In the event of an overpayment, or other miscalculation, it’s your broker who deals with requesting a refund or duty drawback. They also pay an annual user fee for each permit and a status report fee.4. Keep recordsIt’s your customs broker’s responsibility to keep important documents for at least five years after the date of entry, including copies of all active and revoked powers of attorney. All records are confidential, and your broker can only share information with you or with customs, in the event of a customs inspection or audit.5. Stay up-to-dateYour broker keeps their license updated and maintains a permit for each district in which they plan to conduct business. Brokers who neglect their responsibilities or purposefully violate rules can be fined and penalized.View the entire blog here
How do I start an import-export business with Rs. 1,00,000 capital?
Rs100000 is more than sufficient to start with (for first order).get IEcode ,current account ,proprietary company (at home address is OK),letter head ,stamp pad,stationeries ,brochure like marketing material . for this you need to spend Rs 5000 max. Join the exporter association relevant to your product . for this go to FIEO (fieo dot org website) to register. This may require Rs5000. This adds credibility as your potential buyer may doubt if you are a government registered entity . This will help you to get first order. you can also get experience by supplying product to established exporters .Though you cannot get experience as a direct exporter you can be certain that your product design and quality is acceptable to a potential importer. It came to our notice that many merchant exporters from mumbai buy lungi from my hometown from handlooms and export . handloom owners in my hometown fear about export as they don't have knowledge. That is good for merchant exporters from mumbai. Like this lot of products are there in any major town . just research. use zauba.then go to commerce ministry website to get country wise data on commodities exported . select a nearby country . then see the commodities that exported from india in recent months. see zauba. free account. it shows latest data. all data except importer exporter address consignment tracking code etc (for this you need import genius which is costly for new exporters). decide on a product thats exported regularly and thats not too technical.select a product that's light weight ,non perishable and available in your proximity . you can see that lot of commodities are exported from india to gulf (see zauba)on a daily basis . example light weight items are surgical gloves. always in demand . you can find a supplier in your city or state.upon selecting commodity /item open an account in alibaba and other major sites like trade key. its essential that you have a website to portray a professional image about your export business. also contact all embassies in india and indian embassies abroad on importers of your commodity . start marketing tirelessly. its very much possible that you can get even a trail order if you market constantly.use all possible online avenues to market about your product. its essential that you know all (technical and business details like the max quantity you can supply per month per consignment etc) details about your chosen product and concentrate on only top 5 markets (for your product)as shown by ministry of commerce website.Always be in touch with supplier and always dont rely on a single supplier. have upfront information on packaging materials, labeling instructions and other minute details as expected in the importing country's markets ,special permit /certificate needed by the importing country foreign trade administration etc. onus is on the exporter. if you dont comply with importing country rules then there is a possibility of consignment sent back to you. loss. in this regard if you are in india see the great ebooks on same matter by kishan barai (written for entrepreneurs) and if you are in usa see the ebook by jim straw (famous business man in usa who is also a great teacher). also see the vskills guide on export from india(theoretical. for job seekers than business men ).upon getting first order get the potential importer details vetted by ECGC to avoid scammers. there were instances of fake cashier cheques(demand draft equivalent) issued by "bank" of importer. learn upfront about Letter of credits . always ask for 50% advance and rest 50% by irrevocable letter of credit at sight (any prime bank). any reputed export consultant or banker will advise you in these matter. for packaging,labeling,insurance and other country specific details ask CHA (custom house agent). they charge nominal amount for their services. country specific details are also with FIEO . Rs 100000 is enough to start. also make website. you can get orders via that also unexpectedly. put the IECode and FIEO membership certificate copy in your website for credibility. make sure that street address,other details in your certificates and website match.when you make more money or atleast one order become gold member in alibaba . gold members of alibaba gets orders easily.Emphasizing again that you know your product details thoroughly . otherwise potential customer wont reply after first contact by email. you can start as a merchant exporter. most of the exporters are merchants only. not manufacturers. also there are trade missions for exporters(to meet importers. it will definitely help you to get orders) in india at subsidized cost. check FIEO. ask them.There are many personal profile websites. in thousands. use your name in that . but in url use your export business related website. thats a free backlink. that increases authority though nofollow. it helps us to get business leads from abroad consistently. in india many exporters are there. but very few have a well maintained and constantly updated websites. very few follow this free backlinks from personal profile websites.SYSTEM ON INDIA's MONTHLY TRADE (HARMONIZED CLASSIFICATION OF COMMODITIES)International Marketing With Strategies eBook: Kishan Barai: Amazon.in: Kindle StoreExport Import Made Very EasyIndian Exporter, Indian Export, Indian Exporter DirectoryExportingCertified Export Import (Foreign Trade) ProfessionalWelcome to Zaubahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le...http://www.amazon.in/Quick-Lette...
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