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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Customs form 7514

Instructions and Help about Customs form 7514

No they're around that y'all doing I got a little tip for you about mail and international packages if you get a regular customs form here in the United States it used to be you could just fill it all by hand and take it in and they would stamp it and stick it to the package and off you go well recently apparently they changed the way all that works and they have to actually physically type in everything you wrote on the form which is kind of a pain in the butt if you're mailing more than one thing or if you're like me you have rotten handwriting because and they said they're trying to figure out what the hell it says so my post off my local post office really gets perturbed at me when I send International because they gotta type all this crap in now well I went to the post office of sight the usps.com or got bored of it and you can go on there and fill out the customs form for sending out international and you fill out the address and all the crap in it and to make sure I don't get hit my people drive like crazy but anyway so you go this site you fill out all the form all the information on the form it asks you like what do you send in the value the weight and all this stuff and then the only tricky part I ran into was it asks you about some a se declaration thing or some gobbledygook you want the one that ends in each it's like thirty 72h or something like that that's the one you want because that's the gift category and so then you fill this form you print it out take it your post office and then what they can do is then they just scan the barcode and all the information pops up they don't have to do anything to just stamp it they tape it to the package they even told me that you can take the form and cut the one part and tape it yourself but if I was you I wouldn't do that I don't feel comfortable figuring out what needs go where but it's it's a hell of a time-saver for you and for your post office and it probably gets you in the good graces of your postal employees I know the lady today I went to the main post office that's not really near me they were just I was the first guy who had done that and they were going berserk about it and just thanking me so much for doing it so go to the post office site look for sendin international there should be some form thing there I'll you know I'll try to Robert put the link to that page in the video description but it really saves a lot of time the only thing.

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