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How to complete any CBP Form 7551 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who needs CBP Form 7551

Instructions and Help about Who needs CBP Form 7551

Hello this is Emma from parceled ship and here's a new video of how to fill in your customs forms you may have watched a previous video there are some changes in this one so this one is correct as of the 27th of july 2022 if we need to update it we will of course do that and there'll be a new video you'll see that we've already failed in some details here just to save a bit of time but there are also some details missings will run through those now first of all you'll need to state whether or not it's a commercial or a pro-forma invoice if your business sending to another business you'll need to click pro so you'll need to click commercial but in this situation will be taking pro forma and nine times out of ten you will do so once you've put in the center details and the recipient details you need to put the parcel details in invoice number will be your parcel to ship order number beginning with p2s the date will be the date that you're sending the parcel not the day that you're filling in the forms your weibull number will be your tracking number available when you log in or in the case of DHL available when the driver comes to collect your parcel your v80 number is applicable if you're a business and if you are then you will know this type of exports permanent or temporary if it's going for a repair and will be returned to you shortly after then you want to click temporary but again nine times out of ten you will want to click permanent category is whether it's a gift or return so on and so forth to click the run that's applicable for you and terms of trade it's already filled in for you and that's ddu we scroll down a little bit will they be able to see the body of the form you'll be able to see that I've included the net way to the description the country of origin the quantity and the unit price of each of the items that I'm sending you can fill in the HS tariff number and these numbers are available online from a direct gov website it's very easy to navigate but it does take about five minutes you'll see that the form here isn't automatically filling in would use this as an example because a lot of customers do worry about this all you need to do is print it up and fill this in by hand I cannot stress this enough it is not something to worry about if your computer will not type in here just print it off and fill it in by hand in here you can enter some comments and in here you can enter the license and certificate numbers again if you're a business then you'll know these numbers but nine times.


As a non-citizen, if you sign a visa waiver CBP form I-94W, does this grant you access to work in the United States?
I-94 and I-94W are arrival/departure forms [1]. They document your arrival and departure and doesn’t grant you anything. Specifically, I-94W is a record of a visa wavier arrival/departure. The visa wavier program is the thing that governs what your travel purpose can be. It has the same permitted travel purpose as the Visitor (B) visa.A Visitor (B) visa has permitted tourism and business purposes. [2]Business:consult with business associatesattend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conferenceattend short-term training (you may not be paid by any source in the United States with the exception of expenses incidental to your stay)negotiate a contractSo, if your work is listed under the business section of the Visitor (B) visa, than yes, you can work. Otherwise, no.Source1. Arrival/Departure Forms: I-94 and I-94W2. Visa Waiver Program
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